50/100 – week 2 results


Let me preface this quick post by apologising for the lack of X-Factor update – truth is, I can’t be done watching it anymore, but I will happily start writing when the live shows kick off. It’s just too fucking contrived and if I see Simon’s inane smug self-satisfied smile one more time, I’m liable to give myself a nosebleed.

So a quick post – week two at Fatfighters and the results are simple – I have lost another 4 and a half pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 9lb in 14 days – 41lb to go! Very pleased with it. I feel bad that I bitched on about one of the more bovine members of the group last week for having cracked heels – as – and this is manky if you google image it, I have managed to get pitted keratolysis on my feet from walking in damp trainers all day. To make it worse, I still have the mystery flesh-eating thingy too, so my foot now looks like the top of a supermarket lasagne. Mmmm!

Oh, you were wondering about Juuuuuuurdie? It would be churlish of me to give away her weight status, so if she feels like posting it in the comments, then by all means – however she did look radiant. Sadly, she left one of her ‘special photos’ in my man-bag in her ongoing attempt to seduce me – please find it below.

Readers Hives

It didn’t work. The Other Half on the other hand is weighing himself using Wii Fit, so I might stick his weight loss results on later. All in all a very uneventful week!

OH! One good thing. If you’re looking for something far more interesting than The X-Factor, then give The Amazing Race a shot. Wikipedia it if you like – it’s one of the best reality shows out there. Season 17 just kicked off in America and here’s a piece from the opening episode.

Seriously, what’s not to love? This is also how the carers prefer to feed Juuuuuurdie her fish finger and chips dinner, lest they get too close.

I joke of course, she’s beautiful really.


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