geocache hide: on a road to nowhere

wahey. Our first geocache has been hidden! We’ve hidden it around the Newburn Riverside. Full details here:

For those unfamiliar with geocaching, it’s pretty much a global treasure hunt. People leave ‘caches’ hidden around the country – normally small containers containing a log-book, pencil and various trinkets. You find the cache using clues, GPS and wits, sign the book, take something from the box and leave something of equal or greater value. It sounds boring, but some of the cache-hides are genius and it is a good way to a) exercise our big flabby bodies and b) see parts of the country you wouldn’t normally find.

For a bit more information, here’s an ultra-cheesy video. El-Nerdo-Alerto indeed. Let Dave-Gorman-Lite and she-looks-like-Angel-from-Home-and-Away show the way:

We’re off geocaching in Tynemouth today, photos and a write up to follow.


it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white

It would seem that McDonalds have solved the issue of racism. Upon playing a (very old) Nintendo game called MC Kids – a somewhat hokey but faintly entertaining platformer that is soaked in McDonalds advertising (go kids!), there’s a wonderful option in the bonus game.

Observe – we’re currently playing as an affable young gent called ‘Mack’, who’s clearly black.

Mack Attack

Smooth FM

And then, through the magic of pressing ‘A’ and hitting what appears to be a dubious crescent moon…

Taking the Mick

Classic FM

Presto-chango – we’ve switched races, and all for the benefit of Ronald McDonald – that’s also his zipper to the right of Mick/Mack. Pervert.

We can’t help but feel that Latoya Jackson would have been saved an awful lot of misery if Michael had learnt ‘changing’ was this easy, and not gone down a route of ill-advised plastic surgery and pills.


And we’re off…

So, here we are then. This is going to be a blog full of disparate posts, geocaching finds and achievements, random bits of nonsense that we see fit to share with the world and just a general ‘LOOK AT MY IPHONES capabilities’.

We only promise to lay off the ‘OMG’s and ‘LOL’s the best we can and type with some degree of sensibility.